Camp Chef Carry Bag

Now you can easily transport or store your double-burner stove with the help of this griddle carry bag. This is the most convenient and easy to carry bag to give you the best two burner carry bag along with ease. 

The bag has made with the durable bag features where you can get the convenient style wrap handles and as well as the extra space for additional gear, or even you can keep some useful supplies in it. And of course, it can provide you with double satisfaction as an excellent gear bag.

Furthermore, it is absolutely weather-resistant and built with a liner to give you extra convenience and also explorer 3x carry bag with better and tough stitching. However, it has also packed with a heavy-duty quality and a large in size, industrial EZ glide zipper, by which you can gently close the entire bag. 

This lightweight oven carry bag is absolutely mind-blowing and gives you the perfect concept to pack your every important gear inside it for your next traveling or even, go for your camping as well. You can finally prepare some hot and fresh food at the camping spot, make your favorite meal at the spot without any issue. 

As we know that this durable stove carry bag can easily be able to further holds double-burner stove models such as the Camp Chef 2-Burner stove and as well as the Browning 2-Burner stove. Whereas it has made with the absolute heavy-duty material of nylon along with a large, and for sure, industrial EZ glide zipper. 

And yes, the wrap-around handles of the bag are also made with the nylon webbing carry handles; that’s why we considered it the toughest bag ever that won’t rip out easily, and you can always get a fine and protected space for your burners. 

The explorer 2-burner stove with carrying bag can make you able to finally bring out everything you actually wanted to have at your camp to avoid any inconvenience. It only contains a total weight of around 2.25 pounds and offers you the dimensions with 16.5″ x 34.5″ x 9″.

Quick features:

  • Very light in weight: absolutely light in weight, as the bag has made up with the lightweight structure and design so that you can easily carry it with yourself anywhere you want without any issue. However, the bag consists of a total weight of around 2.2 pounds only.
  • Industrial EZ glide zipper: yes, there is a large size glide zipper built to the bag for providing you a convenient way to open and close it with fewer efforts easily. And the zipping feature is mind-blowing regarding giving you the solid safety.
  • Enough space for special gear: of course, the bag isn’t for burners only, but you can put many important cooking gears for your next camping target. This single bag would be enough for your traveling or camping points.
  • Heavy-duty material: made with the heavy-duty nylon material to give you the weather-resistant quality and toughness so that it won’t tear apart from the bottom. Your burners and other gears will be saved inside it for sure.
  • Dimension size: it may offer you the dimension size of around 16.5″ x 34.5″ x 9 inches; you will surely love it as it is excellent in its material and offer you a big enough space to packed everything in one place conveniently.
  • Nylon made wrap handles: yes, there are two handles wrap around the bag, which is also made with the pure nylon material to give you a better way for handling or carrying bag from one place to another.
  • It can be used anywhere: of course, you can use the bag in your backyard parties, it would be suitable for hiking or even for camping, or as well as, you can even use it for your beach picnic parties.
  • Bag for two-burner stoves: the best suitable 2 burner carry bag that can handle two burners in one place perfectly, it will give you the most outstanding feeling ever to pack up your everything inside it and go for your camping, enjoy some healthy meals and your cooking time for sure.
  • Manufacturing money-back guarantee: of course, you will get the money-back guarantee, and you can easily get your money back if you don’t like the product within their mention time period. 



  • Convenient for two burners 
  • One large zipper 
  • Two wrap nylon handles 
  • Heavy-duty nylon material 
  • Perfect for camping or picnic spots.




  • The zipper isn’t smooth enough. 



This would be the perfect size two burners carry bag for every camping lover out there. 

With the help of this single bag, you can keep your cooking gears in one place, then why are you waiting for? Get up and grab this piece now to enjoy your next camping right ahead.

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