Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag: Keeps You Warm and Comfortable

What specifically do you look for while buying a sleeping bag? Size, toughness, durability and price, right? There are not many sleeping bags that have such a versatility except Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag. This is a mammoth sleeping bag that I have come across a few days ago.

It was Coleman Big Game -5 Degree Big and Tall Sleeping Bag. The name says it all, it is a big game sleeping bag that can provide campers/hikers with utmost warmth in the weather conditions as below as minus five degrees.

Not to forget, it is a big and tall sleeping bag, so it can easily accommodate you even if you are a tough Rugby player. I don’t know where to start describing this product because everything about this product is large and magnificent. To know more, keep reading the post.

How Advantageous Will Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag Prove to You?

Coleman Big Game sleeping bag is a perfect bag for those who have everything in extra-large size. If your height is over six feet and weight over 200 lbs, then there is a limited amount of sleeping bags available for you. But, you don’t need to worry when you can sleep soundly in an extremely comfortable and warm sleeping bag made by Coleman.

Whether it is the insulation or the padded comfort, everything is perfect in this sleeping bag. The bag is specifically made for allowing that extra bit of comfort and warmth in the areas where temperature dips to minus.

This sleeping bag is highly rugged and can withstand heavy rain or snow quite efficiently. The outer cover of the bag is made from top quality rip stop nylon and polyester material, which bars any outside interference inside the bag.

The two-way zipper is also quite beneficial, as you don’t have to look for the zipper and the right direction to zip or unzip.

I also liked the heat retention technology that is present in the sleeping bag. It performs exact the same function, i.e., retains heat within the bag. A wide range of other king-size specifications in the sleeping bag would enhance your sleeping experience.



There are a plenty of features in this sleeping bag, but I would like to discuss the three key features, which apparently turned out to be the game changer for the product.

  • Coletherm insulation: This sleeping bag incorporates the best-in-class colethermtechnology that comes along with fibre lock insulation. The main purpose of this amalgamation is to ensure even insulation across the bag. There is no chilly spots in the bag, so you can sleep with utmost comfort.
    Where other sleeping bags will leave you to freeze in a cold winter night, this sleeping bag will keep the bag and your body warm. This is all because of that particular technology.
  • Dimensions of the sleeping bag: I would consider it a highlighting feature because Coleman has thought about tall people. The company came out with Coleman Big Game -5 Degree Big and Tall sleeping bag, which has the specifications of 40” X 85”. So, if your height is above six feet, then you can use this bag for your outside adventures.
    The bag also consists of a pillow that measures 20” X 12”. The inner line of the bag is soft flannel that gives an extra comfort to the users.
  • Two-way zipper: If you are worried how you are going to breathe when your entire body is zipped inside the bag, then just take a look at this bag. It comes with two-way zipper that allows you to breathe comfortably and avoids any chances of suffocation. If it gets too warm, then you can unzip from the bottom of the bag as well.


Pros of Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag

  • Cotton canvas: The sleeping bag consists of a cotton canvas, which provide toughness to the bag and adds to the comfort as well.
  • Thermolock system: This system ensures that the heat is retained within the bag and doesn’t dissipate through the zipper.
  • Design and construction: The design of the sleeping bag makes it easier for the users to roll and pack it. Coming to the construction part, the bag has a full-cover construction, which avoid the generation of any cold spots in the bag.

Cons of Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag

  • Too heavy to carry: If you are tall, but a skinny guy, then you may find problem in carrying this sleeping bag for too long.
  • Complex to roll: The rolling of the sleeping bag could be a tedious task, if you don’t follow the user manual that is given by the company.


The company claims that the entire sleeping bag is washable, so you can just wash it with a regular detergent and warm water after coming back from the trip. This will ensure long life of the sleeping bag. But, make sure to keep it under the sun, so that it can dry properly.

To maintain the bag, you have to pay attention to every single scratch and mark on the sleeping bag. If you see any torn out area, then just get it sewed by an expert. These small things will keep your sleeping bag in a working condition.


If you have chosen this bag, then you are sure about having most of the trips in the areas where the temperature stays low. This bag is effective in those kinds of conditions. If you don’t hike or camp in low temperatures, then you can take a look at Kelty Ignite 20 sleeping bag


Otherwise, the Coleman sleeping is ideal for you. Coleman Big Game -5 Degree Big and Tall Sleeping Bag is known for its high comfort, warmth and the avant-garde technology that is used in it.

The company hasn’t just stopped there, but they give a 5-year warranty on the bag, so if anything happens to Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag, just get in touch with the company and they will sort out the issues. This bag is definitely a value for money kind of a product, so you should consider it.

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