Coleman Camp Stove Oven

Experimenting new and delicious recipes in an outdoor picnic or a trip gives it a whole new vibe, keeps the picnic and the food interesting. This outdoor Coleman Camp Stove Oven will help you to try new things on such occasions, and when it is not required, you can fold it and pack it in a bag like you already have packed your clothes before coming to this trip.

Before, it was so difficult to carry grills and ovens with you because they lack the feature of portable folding. The likelihood is that you may have cooked in pots over stoves, but this portable folding camp oven opens up several opportunities.

Meaning that there is a possibility of the aroma of cinnamon rolls merging with the air, making fresh bread, cakes, bake biscuits, and more.  Or maybe it’s just a margarita pizza out there?

This special oven is a reasonable option to cook and runs without electricity. It also is a user-friendly, as it is easy to arrange and use. It can easily become a part of your camping kit.

Usefully, this oven works with or without being set up over a campfire. Heats up quickly and allows you to get right to the business of cooking. A cherry on the top is this oven has the racks can be set at three different heights.

So, if you are a camping freak this is a must-have for you. Let’s begin with the detailed Coleman camp oven review!

Quick features:

  • Best for Off-road trips: Coleman camp stove oven is the most suitable for the off-road trips in which you travel across the borders by roads. Usually, you use special off-road trailers for such types of vacations, and you always need something that adds value to your holidays, and Coleman camp stove oven is one of them.
  • Easy to Clean: Since the Coleman camp ovens have aluminized steel finish, which makes it smooth and easy to clean. Not only this, but this aluminum plated steel keeps the oven away from any type of corrosion and avoids the scruff.
  • The duo of Stove and Oven: This unique oven vintage oven we can call it comes in stove and oven combo, which allows the user to utilize this setup in multiple ways. You can use the oven for baking and the stove for making all the other dishes that you cannot cook in the oven. All in all, it is a chef oven.
  • Keep Your Food Warm: Since the Coleman camp oven comes to a portable stove, it also helps you to keep your food warm for quite a longer period. You don’t need to worry that your food will be cold and taste like stale until the whole group gathers!
  • It is best if you are tight on space during travel: It is a portable folding camp oven; due to this feature, it suits best when you are traveling on an adventure trip, and you need to be less in luggage and just carry essentials with you. This stove with oven is just what you need!
  • Warranty: Coleman camp stove ovens come with a one-year limited warranty. During one year of purchase, if you face any inconvenience using this oven, you can get it repaired or replaced. Not a bad deal!
  • Size and Dimension: The size and dimension in which this oven comes are 13.5 in. x 12.9 in. x 3.3 in. or 34.3 cm x 32.7 cm x 8.3 cm. It carries a shape in the square. The baking racks are in the size of 10 sq. in. or 64.52 sq. cm.
  • Oven Replacement Rack: The baking racks or grates are easily available in the market. You can get them through online retails like Amazon. Don’t worry this oven will never disappoint you at any level!
  • Coleman Liquid Fuel: To burn the stoves or the burners, the Coleman liquid fuel and propane are used; thus, it is also called a propane camp oven. In case if you are getting short on them, it is also easily available in the market. But please check before leaving!
  • Light in Weight: This vintage oven is made up of thin sheets of aluminium plated steel, which makes it very light in weight. On the other hand, it comes with some tabs and hooks, which keeps all the parts strongly intact and helps it maintain the balance.


  • Portable folding camp oven.
  • Fits in small Budget.
  • Easy to arrange and use
  • Racks can be arranged at three different levels
  • Preheats rapidly
  • Works with or without a campfire


  • It does not distribute heat evenly.
  • The thermometer can sometimes be erroneous


Bake brownies, biscuits, potatoes, and warming up rolls for your burgers with a different dimension to outdoor cooking. After using this outdoor camp oven to make some of these recipes, you will be addicted.

In my opinion, there is room in any traveler’s backpack or outdoors person to have one of these in their crew. You don’t always have to take it with you, but it makes for some fun when you do.

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