Coleman Carlsbad Tent With Screen Room

The amazing Coleman Carlsbad Tent with Screen Room is made with the perfect Polyester material. You will get a better area and huge coverage at the time of your camping. This imported material made 6 person tent will be the best choice for you to go for a camping or hiking with the group of your friends.

You will also get so many features and benefits in this screen room tent which allow you a separate base screen room so that you can experience the insect-free lounging. Also, with the ability of its extra sleeping space, you will find a comfortable sleep and can able to stretch legs as well.

This 6 person dark room fast pitch dome tent specially designed to give you a quick set up just within 7 minutes. However, with the dimension size of 5 feet 8 inches center height, this tent is perfect for tall people as well.

It has also made with the perfection of WeatherTec system, window covers, and as well as the system of rainfly will manage to keep your tent interior comfortable and all dry throughout the rainy days. Such a durable Polyguard fabric which gives you a solid structure and of course, its strong frame designed which stays last than longer.

With its Dark Room technology, that would be able to further blocks 97.5 percent of sunlight, by which you can easily take quick naps even in the sunlight.

Coleman Carlsbad Tent with Screen Room will probably provide you with the amazing benefits that you could never want to leave the tent for sure. So, let’s check out the benefits below and make yourself ready to go camping now;

Darkroom facility: according to the darkroom tent review, people satisfied with the ability of its darkroom system. With the possibilities of its darkroom technology that manage to block almost 97.5% sunlight would be the best thing for you to enjoy quick naps even after the sunrises.

Provide you with a comfortable journey: with the help of its new 6 person darkroom tent, you can enjoy your camping journey along with with your friends, all in one tent, no more complications at all.

Give you a dry feature even in the rainy days: towards with the darkroom tent review, you will stay dry and fully comfortable, even when its rain.

Sturdy made material: this Coleman carlsbad tent has made with the sturdy made material that could offer you with long-lasting flexibility and maintain its shine as well.

Windows cover to protect you all the time: yes, with the help of its window covers, you will stay under great protection, and it will keep you away from sunlight and other distractions.

Durable fabric: the fabric of the tent is all durable and made with a proper focus to give you the absolute comfort and superior enjoyment without any hassle or tension.

Check The Amazing Features Of Coleman Carlsbad Tent with Screen Room

Here you may need to know about the important features of this amazing Coleman Carlsbad Tent with Screen Room. This tent is the best choice for many people who want to go camping or hiking with a bunch of their friends. So, let’s find out the features of the tent below:

Screen Room: you will enjoy bug-free lounging where the screens may protect you right away. And of course, it will also provide you with the extra ventilation and as well as a separate screened-in room which would be too great to sleep on warmer nights.

WeatherTec System: this feature is perfect for camping lovers who want to do camping like in every season. So, whenever it rains, the tent will stay dry, all thanks to its tub-like floors along with the new design patented corner welds and as well as the covered seams which will manage to keep water further out.

Storage Pockets: so that you can easily put small necessities inside these easy and small pockets to get them quickly, these mesh pockets would be giving you the convenient option and durability.

Pack Up with Ease: the tent may have come with its included storage bag, so when the camping time is over, pull out the tent and keep it inside its bag for lasting durability.


  • Perfect for 6 people
  • Screen rooms
  • Window covers
  • Keeps you dry
  • Additional pockets


  • It takes too long for the setup.

Maintenance And Cleaning:

So, here we will tell you about these 6 screened tent instructions and how you can keep it for longer just by proper maintenance and cleaning. This six person dome tent has come with the polyester made material which doesn’t need much maintenance or cleaning, but still, screen tent needs to be clean after done with the use.

You can wash it with simple soapy water (take your normal detergent and mix it with water, then dip the tent inside the water).

Just wait for some minutes or until you notice that the water becomes dirty.

Keeps out the tent away and hang it outside (so that it can dry in the sunlight).

NOTE: do not try to use washing machine, as it may stretch out the tent and in results, it becomes loose and hard in the material. So, always try not to rub it, dip into the soapy water and let the dirt drives away manually.


That’s the end of today’s Coleman Carlsbad Tent with Screen Room review.

We hope you like the review. We know some people love to do camping and hiking with their friends and they always want to have a tent in which all friends can spend time under it.

So, why not try this one ahead? For your next camping trip, don’t forget to buy this tent.

And if you already have this one, then do share your experience and quality about the product with us in our comment section below.

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