Coleman Gas Stove

If you are a person that loves to spend a weekend or a holiday camping with your friends, family, and loved one, summer is a perfect season for camping and exploring the places; it is always joyful and stress-free to engage a day in hiking, swimming or any other activity.

But for all of these activities you just need some energy which can only come from food. And you know that the most exciting part of such a beautiful holiday is cooking at a campsite which makes it more memorable.

Obviously, you can always cook on an open fire, but it is not the most efficient way to cook most of the items. Why? Because some of the food requires less amount of heat, and some require high flames, and most importantly, the equal distribution of heat. It is hard to control the fire as per your requirements.

The Coleman gas stove has always been the best friend of a camp loving family for years. If you are going to market in search of a camp stove, have put up a detailed description of this Coleman white gas stove, which will really help you make the right decision.

Quick features:

  • Portable: Coleman gas stove is portable, light in weight, and easy to carry with your luggage. It can be packed in a compact size in a box for an easy and safe handle.
  • Wind block Side Panels: As it is a camping stove, mostly being used the camping sites, due to the larger open area, such sites are always windy. Thus, it is very difficult to light your stove and then keep it lit for a longer period so that even warm a liter of water. Thankfully Coleman gas stove comes with wind block side panels that do not allow wind to interrupt your cooking process.
  • Dual 10,000 BTU Burners: The flames on both the burners are independently adjustable, meaning that you can cook pancakes on low heat, and on the other burner, you can fry bacon on high flame.
  • Long-Lasting Fuel Usage: Coleman gas stove helps in maintaining the environment friendliness. Thus, the fuel usage is quite efficient. It is observed that if both the burners cooking on high flame, a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder will keep your stove lit for up to an hour approx.
  • Made in China: Although Coleman is an American brand, its headquarters is in Kansas. The majority of their products are being manufactured in China, so as the Coleman white gas stove. Just to achieve economies of scale.
  • Reliable Grates: The stove racks on which you will place your skillet are reliable and strong, as well as easy to clean and anti-rust because they are chromium plated. These properties make it more durable.
  • Size and Dimension: The size and dimension in which this stove comes in 4.1 x 21.9 x 13.7 inches. It carries a rectangular shape and weighs around 12 pounds. Additionally, it can fit two pans of 12 inches and 10 inches.
  • Warranty: Coleman gas stove comes with a three-year limited warranty. During the initial three years of purchase, if you face any inconvenience using this stove, you can get it repaired or replaced.
  • Great value To Customers: It is a great deal for a person who is a camping lover. Coleman gas stove provides the good value of money since it is quite lesser in price as compared to other camp stoves available in the market and works extremely well in places with higher altitudes, cold, and rough weather.
  • Coleman Gas Stove Parts: The product is so straightforward and simple that all the gas stove parts that you need to replace over the time are never outdated and easily available in the market at a reasonable cost. Be it the grates, a cooktop, or a propane adapter; you can replace it with ease!


  • Fuel is less expensive.
  • Very good flame control using gas stove regulator.
  • Good for emergency preparedness.
  • Works well in extreme situations.


  • Takes additional effort to get started.
  • The cooking area is smaller than the other available in the market.
  • Same traditional gas stove regulator.


The Coleman gas stove is not a fancy or a feature rice product, rather a simple, well-designed stove available at a very reasonable price in the market; it did perform steadily and predictably. It simmers water well, blocks the wind using its wind block flaps, and prepare sauces very well.

On top of that, it’s simple to arrange, lightweight, and can be packed into a small, compact size. We also love the adjustable wind block panels that allow you to expand the cooking surface a little so you can accommodate larger pans. All in all, this is a great basic option for the one who wants to enjoy a perfect camping scene within a budget.

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