Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag

The best and suitable for adults sleeping bag, which will be the perfect option for your late night’s camping trips and of course, the bag is resistible in temperatures as low as 30°F.

This is one of the best things for your late-night outside plans where the sleeping bag is capable enough to further accommodates most people with the height limit if around up to 5 feet 11 inches tall. However, the overall best coleman palmetto sleeping bag made with the highest material of the polyester cover and as well as with the tricot fiber that actually gives a perfect blend liner to give you overall warmth and softness.

And of course, don’t forget to notice its ZipPlow system turns fabric away and safe from teeth so that the whole bag will stay snagging free during the time of unzipping or zipping. Furthermore, it may also give you the feature like roll control fasteners along with a patented no-tie closure. These ultimate features will probably be able to give you easy access to enjoy one-person packing.

It is way too soft and secure from weather conditions as well and allows you to spend some outside time perfectly without any issue or hassle. This would be an ideal camping item for you and friends. Although, Coleman cool weather sleeping bag always here to give a helping hand to people out there who love to go for traveling or adventurers’ spots.

Moreover, when you have this reliable and comfortable sleeping bag, you will be able to spend your enjoyable time together with your friends and stay safe for sure. Also, according to the cool-weather sleeping bag review, this brand actually gets the number one position for providing us the best sleeping bag among all.

Quick features:

  • Roll control: so if you don’t know how to roll sleeping bag? then this bag is the right choice for you as it comes with simple options to simplify your packing just through locking the edges together so that the bag keeps straight and roll it up right away.
  • Quick cord: well, the overall sleeping bag price is also very affordable and give you the right reason to buy it right now. However, it may also give you another feature, which is its quick cord system, just snaps, and locks, reducing the demand to tie or bind the cord.
  • ZipPlow: this is the best thing that will be loved by many travelers for sure. Well, inside the bag, you will experience with the uses of a zipper guide that will perfectly and safely push fabric away so that the zipper’s teeth will never cut down or snagged up the fabric while giving you an easy closing and opening.


  • Comfort cuff: according to so many different coleman palmetto sleeping bag reviews by different people, all are happy with this comfortable plush material that actually being used edge of the bag, and offering us an ultimate way of softness, relaxing comfort, and of course, a supportive time while laying inside.


  • Camping temperature: well, the camping sleeping bag is perfect for everyone out there and give you the most reliable time ever to spend and make memories with your friends. Also, this featured full adult sleeping bag offers you durability in camping temperatures as low as 30°F.


  • Easy to fit: yes, there is another reason for liking this sleeping bag, which is it’s easy to fit feature. Anyone with a height limit of around 5 feet 11 inches can easily slide into the bag to experience some mind-blowing sleeping time in the open air.


  • Super warm and soft: of course, with the help of its polyester cover and super soft fabric that always give you the best and warmth feeling. It would be too good for hiking, camping, and as well as for other forms of adventure sports with your friends.


  • No tie at all: with the help of its rolling system technique, you won’t need to tie the sleeping bag at all. This sleeping bag actually perfect for one person control so that individuals can easily roll up their bags.


  • Light in weight: just with the weight of only 4.0 pounds, this lightweight camping bag is the right solution for your late-night campings. You will surely love to use this bag while sleeping all night with the same feeling as your bed.



  • Light in weight design
  • Super soft and warm
  • Perfect for medium size people
  • Comfort cuff edges
  • ZipperPlow system
  • Quick cord
  • Roll control feature


  • The zipper sticks sometimes.
  • Not suitable for tall people.



So, why delaying your camping trip with your friends when you have this mind-blowing option to stay safe and secure in a warm and soft sleeping bag?

We especially made this coleman palmetto sleeping bag review for you all. This could be the best option for you to enjoy your adventure points.

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