Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Summer is the most suitable season to plan a camping holiday in an isolated, near to nature place within your city or may few kilometres away from your city. The main objective of such trips is to spend some quality time with your loved ones, but ignore the fact that summer brings lots of rain with it.

This is again joyful only if you have made all the plans proactively. Otherwise, moods and vacation both will be messed up. If you are carrying a cheaper cabin tent, it will not resist the rain there is a certain chance that you people will catch a cold.

But if you have a home-like a cabin tent – 14′ x 9′, though it is a one-time investment, it can save you from many hassles in the future.

We have created a core 9 person instant cabin tent review for your ease and to save you from the stress of market search physically.

Quick features:

  • Easy To Set Up: Whether it is raining outside, you no need to worry, and it will remain dry inside the cabin tent. It is so easy to set up and to break down altogether because of the easily adjustable tent stakes.
  • Room Divider Options: Sometimes it becomes so necessary to allow everyone to enjoy their privacy as well, even when on camping with the family. There is an amazing option of the room divider; you can create some further compartments in the tent.
  • Get Preassembled Frame: The great additional benefit of buying this tent is that it comes with all preassembled frames. It confirms you don’t have to put much effort and time in its assembly and then after the trip in breaking it down. The camp sets up in no time with the joined frame system; you don’t need to have any extra tool to fix it.All you need to do is just take out, unfold and spread out. You just need 60 seconds, isn’t it exciting!
  • The Fly: Fly in tents is a shade type of a thing in openings of tent’s door and windows to stop rain and sun rains into the tent from those areas. The fly in this core 9 people instant cabin tent is quite minimalistic. It only covers the top of the tent, this is great for a tent with windows, and without this, you can have a clear view of the outside. It can stop light rain but is not made to bear heavy rain.
  • Waterproofness: The official website does not provide details, except for the statement that the core 9 person instant cabin tent has the ‘’CORE H20 Block Technology’’. There are no exact criteria regarding this issue and no obligation to do this.
  • Pockets: There are quite a few net pockets on the walls; to keep your belongings. You can keep your clothes, your reading books, your blankets, and many more things.
  • Ensures Durability: It is made up of some heavy and durable quality material to provide heavy-duty shelters, which helps to rain during the rainy season as well, but you may not like the idea that due to this, there is no passage of natural light in the tent.
  • Size and Dimension: This cabin tent comes in a dimension of 48 x 11 x 10.5 inches. The floor cabin tent 14’ X 9’ and 9 adults can easily accommodate and sleep in sleeping bags, not counting additional gear. It can also carry fewer campers with lots of luggage.


  • Very fast to set up and to break down.
  • This cabin tent – 14′ x 9′ includes tent stakes, rainfly and carry bags.
  • Cabin tent great air ventilation with large windows.
  • 6-foot tall house, and can provide accommodation to your friends and family well.
  • Have a height to leave the rain-fly off but still keep privacy.
  • A detachable rain-fly will give you a 360 view of the sky.
  • It also comes with flow vents, electrical cord porthole, etc.


  • Zips of D style door might catch in zipper rain flap guards.
  • A little bit heavy due to tough materials.


Think about how miserable it will get if you go on camping with a really low-quality cabin tent. Which will make nothing mess up your whole holiday?

It is not an expense but an investment if you are a person that goes on camping so frequently with your family and friends because it is durable and waterproof, will benefit you for a longer period of time. We hope that this instant cabin tent – 14′ x 9′ review will help you make better decisions regarding this investment.

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