Eureka Copper Canyon 6 -Person Tent

According to the best 6 person tent reviews, Eureka Copper Canyon is one of the perfect choices for all those people who have plans to go for summer camping. This Eureka copper canyon 6 person Tent made with the cabin-style look.

This perfect 6 tent has built with the total of nine-pole in which it will provide you with the amazing features like durability, fiberglass frame, pole sleeves, with clips, and as well as a type of ring/pin assembly that would give you the quickest moment of setup.

However, its Steep vertical walls will offer you with the amazing advantage where you can maximize floor space to use it as cots or even sleeping bags. And of course, don’t forget to notice its bathtub floor that is here in an amazing wrapping style around the sides of the tent to further helps the interior to stay dry and warm.

Also, with the power of its zippered E! Power Port which will allow the camping lovers to easily run an outside electric cable within the tent so that they can power up the lights, charge their devices, and much more. This could be the best thing for camping lovers where they can also get high-stash pockets as well.

This is the most amazing and easy to set up 6 person tent which doesn’t require much time and also comes with its covering bag that may protect the tent’s shine and durability.

Are you interested in doing summer camping this year? And wanted to know more about the benefits of this amazing product? Then you are in the right place. We have questioned many people according to the 6 tent review, and all of them are so satisfied with the features and quality of the Eureka copper canyon 6 person Tent. So let’s share the benefits of this tent according to those experienced people:

It offers you a convenient storage pocket: to keep our things safe and protected during the time of camping; we always need some small pockets to put our important things inside it. And that’s what this amazing tent will offer you with its convenient top head storage pocket. You can keep important things inside the pocket for better protection.

Allow you to charge your electronic devices: yes, with the help of its power port, you can easily be able to charge your electronic devices and as well as power up the light inside a tent at night times. People just love this tent because of its Zippered E Power Port feature.

Cabin style tent will provide you with additional space: no need to fold up legs whenever you want to sleep. This cabin-style tent will provide you with additional space where all 6 people can easily sleep with their legs straight.

The tent is very light in weight: we know how terrific it is to have a tent with heavy carrying issue, but this one will solve all your problems. The tent may contain only 23 pounds 2 ounces total weighs, which gives you such an easy to carry moments.

Durable material which stays longer: the material is soft and durable as well, and of course, it is carrying bag which also protects the tent from staying durable for a longer time of use.

Eureka copper canyon 6 person Tent And Its Outstanding Features:

No one would like to buy a bad tent for their amazing adventurous journey.  That is why today we will show you the best tent and the exciting features of this powerful 6 person tent by which you can easily be made up your mind to purchase it or not.

Convenient Overhead Storage: this canyon tent has made with the quality of mesh pockets which allow you to protect your important things. And as well as you may also notice its overhead gear hammock which gives you the purpose to easily store your items so that you can get them within easy reach.

Quick and Easy to Assemble: This tent is specially designed to experience the quality of the casual camper. It may also feature a pole sleeve, clip, and as well as a ring/pin assembly that’s automatic and only takes several minutes for the quick setup.

E! Power Port: so don’t miss this feature, which is the most interesting factor in the tent. This one allows you to charge your electronic devices and also offering you to further bring an electrical cord within the tent to power lights, and much more.

Room for the Whole Family: this six-pole, cabin-style tent has made with the feature of vertical walls where you may get the maximum floor space to use it as cots or sleeping bags.


  • Very convenient use
  • Easy to setup
  • Cabin style tent
  • E! power port for charging devices


  • There is exactly not an adequate outlay of anchor points which further causing stress damage.


Maintenance And Cleaning:

This 6 tent is the most versatile camping tent for you, which utilizes a unique cabin-style feature to give you the luxurious look and comfort, of course. The Eureka copper canyon 6 person Tent may need some special kind of cleaning and maintenance which we describe you down below:

  • First of all, clean the entire tent while setting it up and then wiping it down, all you can use a mild soap or liquid hand soap, but don’t use the washing machine at all.
  • Take lukewarm water, and then clean the tent thoroughly, allow it to dry completely.
  • Never use any hard detergent or dryer.
  • After done with the cleaning, make sure to give the tent a complete dry moment, so that its coating will stay on point.
  • You can also clean its poles with the help of the soft, dry cloth.
  • Clean the poles after oceanside camping.


So, if you love camping and want to make a plan this summer with your friends, then don’t forget to book this Eureka copper canyon 6 person Tent. This tent may provide you with all the advantages of quick setup, easy to stand poles, E! Power Port, and much more.

An affordable camping tent to full fill your every needs and requirement!

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