If you are looking to have a sleeping bag to slip in next to your partner or friend, then there is no other bag that could fit in a better way than the Grizzly 2 Person Sleeping Bag. The time has gone for the mummy shaped bags, which get easily compressed.

In Grizzly sleeping bags, you are going to get enough space and leg room for two people to sleep. This sleeping bag is not made for the hiking trips where people prefer to have an ultralight gear, but it is ideal for car camping trips.

There is a one-person model available as well by the name of Grizzly by Black Pine Sleeping Bag, which you can try, if you want to go on the camping trip alone.


  • One of the main reasons for choosing this sleeping bag is its ability to allow a comfortable environment for the campers at sub-zero temperatures.It is due to the shell of the bag that is designed with 2-layers that distribute uniform heat throughout the bag.
  • The sleeping bag is constructed using 100% polyester microfiber fill along with double offset layers that make this bag a warm and cozy sleeping bag.
  • The bag comes with super-large wind stop walls that will efficiently block the chilly wind from coming into the bag.Moreover, the heavy duty MAXX double zippers given on both the sides of the sleeping bag ensure that the drafts stay outside the house.
  • It doesn’t matter how big you or your partner is, you are going to get enough space in Grizzly 2 Person Sleeping Bag. There is no chilly spots in the sleeping bag, so you and your partner can sleep soundly throughout the night.

Amazing Features Of Grizzly 2 Person Sleeping Bag

Durable Rip Stop Shell: The reason that this sleeping bag is ideal for sub-zero temperatures is due to that rip stop shell.The shell of the sleeping bag is designed with a couple of layers to surge the capacity of the sleeping bag to distribute heat evenly. Moreover, the sleeping bag is quite efficient in retaining the heat.


Polyester Microfiber Fill: The company wanted to create a sleeping bag that remains warm during the chilly winter nights, so they chose 100% polyester microfiber fill along with double offset layer to construct a perfect sleeping bag, which is proficient in keeping two people warm and cozy.

Large And Comfortable: Unlike other 2-person sleeping bag, Grizzly 2 person sleeping bag has sufficient space to accommodate two people. I have not seen anybody complaining regarding the space of the bag, which shows how spacious it is for people with any weight and height.

Oversized Wind Baffle: This sleeping not only has two-way zippers for the convenience of the campers, but it also has oversized wind baffle that prevents any draft from coming inside the bag and disrupting the sleep of the people who are sleeping in the bag.

There are a plenty of things that are going to attract the customers and there are a few, which can force them to have a second thought about the product, so let us take a look at the pros and cons of the product.



  • The cotton duck canvas of the sleeping bag makes it highly efficient.
  • Microfiber insulation keeps the users warm inside the sleeping bag.
  • Chest baffles and oversized test tubes prevent outside elements from entering into the bag.
  • There is enough space for two people to sleep without bugging each other.
  • The material used on the inner side of the bag is soft on the skin.
  • The bag comes with its own compression sack, so, you don’t have to show your strength while wrapping the bag.
  • Cozy flannel lining and a mammoth hood make things more comfortable for the users.


  • The only complaint that has been found with the sleeping bag is that, it is too bulky. This is perhaps the reason that many people opt for the single person version of the sleeping bag.


It is extremely important to know the technical details of the sleeping bag in order to determine its best use. This is a large sized sleeping bag that is rated for zero degrees Fahrenheit. The length of the sleeping bag is 90 inches and the width is around 65 inches.

The filling weight of the bag is around 7 lbs, whereas the overall weight of the sleeping bag is around 12.5 lbs. This sleeping bag features a microfiber insulation fill along with a flannel lining to provide comfort and warmth to the users.

This sleeping bag is machine washable, but make sure that you choose the ‘gentle cycle’. After washing the bag, hang it on a rope under the sun to dry. The bag comes with stuff sack and compression straps, so it won’t be difficult to shrink and wrap this bag.​


Grizzly 2 Person sleeping Bag is a perfect choice for those who are looking to go on a camping trip with their partners and want to sleep together. This sleeping bag is definitely going to provide absolute comfort and warmth because of the top-class materials added in it.

Moreover, the price of the bag is also quite nominal, which is another attractive feature of the device. If you are looking for a bag that has the capability of providing warmth and comfort in -20 or -30 temperature, then you can check out TETON Sports Celsius.​

This sleeping bag support one person, but can be used to accommodate two as well. Moreover, it can be attached to an identical bag to support two and more people.

A plethora of online websites is selling sleeping bags these days, so you can choose the right website according to your knowledge and experience.​

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