How To Determine A Quality Summer Camp And What To Pack For It?

It is hard to imagine a summer without going to a summer camp. All-in-all, summer season is boring because it’s hot and people got nothing much to do except stay inside, protected from the Sun. The only time they go out is when there is something very exciting going on. Summer camps belong in that ‘very exciting activities’ that most people talk about.

Summer camps can be that platform that people look for in order to deepen their bonds with their family members and/or friends. There aren’t any expenses related to travelling, eating and so on. Spend some time with nature and everything will fall back to its place and you will feel a lot more relaxed.

For first time campers, problems related to packing always arise. The problems further intensify when kids are going for camping trips. Kids are dependent on their parents for most of the things and when they go to camp, they end up getting bamboozled. Camping is fun, but it can be made a lot more exciting if you are able to find it in your own area.

Qualities of a Good Summer Camp

If you are heading for a camping site with large numbers of friends or family members, then it is better to find a camping site that is near to your area. You can easily find at least half a dozen of camping sites near your house. There you can set up a camp and have fun with your friends or family. Here are some features that you have to look for when determining a perfect camping site.

  • Time duration offered by camping authorities to camp: You will find camps that are just half a day              long, so if you just want your kids to know what camping actually is, then these camps are perfect. But, if you          are planning to stay a little longer, let’s say 2-3 days, then you have to check if the camping authorities can allow that much time or not.
  • Offered programs: You will come across many camps that run various programs to boost the skills of children. Moreover, they also have a plenty of different activities for families.
  • Camp location: Like mentioned above, it would be better if the location of the camp is near to your house because then, you will save time on travelling, plus if anything bad happens, you can easily rush back home. Moreover, the location must not be that remote where hardly any vehicle goes by.
  • Safety conditions of the summer camp: Wild animals roaming nearby the camping site may sound fascinating, but in reality, it is not. So, make sure that the camping site you are heading towards doesn’t have wild animals. Moreover, there are some basic safety tools and equipment present near the camping site, just in case anything bad happens.
  • Restrictions: You are going to find a few camps where the camping authorities don’t allow to bring in certain things such as food, beverages or electronic gadgets. There is a reason behind it, i.e., camp sites are situated close to natural parks and wildlife reserves, so bringing those items could attract wild animals and the rest you can imagine yourself.
  • Check the accreditation: Kindly check if the camp site follows all the health and safety parameters or not. This is to ensure safety while camping. You can confirm the same from the US Camping Association in order to be doubly sure.

Once decided about the best campsite, the next thing that you have to keep in mind is the things to pack.


Summer camp essentials

  1. Medicines: You just can’t go out with medicines and first aid kit, especially when you have kids with you. All kinds of insects roam  in the jungle, so you need to have mosquito spray or cream to bar mosquitoes from attacking you.
  2. Proper clothes: Choose the right clothes for camping, clothes that are thin and comfortable. If you are not sure about the weather, then pack a few jackets as well. Don’t overload the bags with clothes, but be precise as to how many days are you going to stay outdoors, and then pack accordingly.
  3. Flashlights: The majority of camping sites is illuminated, but you must carry your own flashlights for worst case scenarios.
  4. Pocket knives: You need to have these because crises can occur anytime during camping, but make sure that the knife is out of children’s reach.
  5. Essential food: Assuming that there will be food for you and your family at the camp is a big mistake. You should carry your own food along with a portable gas stove.
  6. Tents: You must carry tents along because some camp sites don’t have any arrangements for campers. So, you must know how to setup a tent house.

There is no need to spend extravagantly on the things required for camping. Just pack quality stuff that comes at an affordable price and you are good to go. Just keep in mind that summer camps can be surprising and unpredictable, so you need to be agile and aware all the time.

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