Camping is full of fun and excitement, but there are certain things that one has to keep in mind in order to ensure safety during the entire trip. These are the images and the symbols that are placed at multiple points on the camping site.

There is a lot of significance of those signs and symbols, which most of the campers fail to realize, thus paying a big price later on. Camping is not just packing bags and spending time in the woods, it is about identifying your real personality.

People who don’t follow the rules in their day to day routines may not have faced many issues, but when they go out, close to the nature, their rule breaking qualities land them into all sorts of troubles.

People may find some camping signs and symbols a bit confusing, therefore it is important to prepare for it in advance, so that things could simplify on its own in the woods.​

If you are going for camping, then you are going to see a number of symbols like lightning bolts, images of animals, electric plugs and more, so these are some symbols that you will easily recognize. But, there will be many that will go over your head.

Then, there are phrases to look for, such as:

  1. ​Vault toilet.
  2. Driveway surface.
  3. Primitive.
  4. Accessible.
  5. Full hook-ups & more.


At the start of your camping venture, you are going to see a map showing all the area where you can go and set up a camp. It will show tiny yet recognizable drawings of the water faucets, trailers, tents and other important things.

Many people who choose to go camping wonder about water, electricity, bathrooms and these basic amenities. So, all the details pertaining to these things are mentioned in the symbols, and all you need to do is determine those camping symbols.​

Here are a few essential symbols that you have to check out to ensure that you are proceeding in the right direction:

  • #1 Site Number: This symbol shows the number of campsites available in a certain location.
  • #2 Site Type: This symbol depicts the comfort level that you are going to get. This includes all sorts of amenities that a person wish to have when he/she opts to stay outside in the woods.
  • #3 Loop: It is extremely important for the camping authorities to ensure that the traffic keeps moving and doesn’t stop, otherwise a jam becomes an inevitable thing. The roads in the campsites are mostly narrow and can cause a big traffic jam, which is perhaps the reason that loops are given. Usually, there are multiple loops in the campsite and each one of them is given a unique name, but if you see just one loop, then there might be no name on it.
  • #4 Maximum Number of campers: This symbol shows the maximum people that can accommodate in a single campsite. If the campsite is made for ten people, then you can adjust 20 in it, as it will be uncomfortable for everyone.
  • #5 Driveway: If you see this symbol, then read it carefully, as it shows the combined length of trailer or other types of vehicles that you can take along on the camping site. There may not be any driveway for the tent sites, but you can park the vehicle nearby camping area.
  • #6 Amenities: There are certain symbols that depict the amenities that you will get at a certain campsite, which could be anything. You can get electricity, water, restroom or anything that adds convenience to your camping venture.

These are some of the most common and most important symbols that you have to look for. There are many other things that you should look at during camping, but these symbols are some of the things that I believe should be in the minds of the campers.

They can really make a huge difference in their outdoor adventure. The camping authorities have made all the arrangements to provide comfort to the campers, but it is up to the campers to avail those comforts and use them to boost their camping venture.

Campers can take help from a number of sources, both online and offline, but it is better to have knowledge about the important symbols that are used in camping.

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