Kelty Cosmic Down 20 Review: Unbiased and Informative

A sleeping bag is a basic necessity for the hikers and campers because after an exciting yet exhausting day, they want a soft and comforting place to sleep. This Kelty Cosmic Down 20 review is going to help you with that particular matter. The market is flooded with a plethora of sleeping bags that come in different shapes and sizes.

A branded sleeping bag is what most people suggest to the first-time campers/hikers. Kelty is one of the most popular brands when it comes to sleeping bags, and the most prominent product that is manufactured by Kelty is Cosmic 20 Degree Sleeping Bag.

This is a lighter, warmer and affordable sleeping bag that easily lives to the expectations of the hikers/campers. People who often change sides during sleeping will surely like this particular sleeping bag, as it allows them with an adequate amount of space to change sides.

The fabric and the design of this sleeping bag adds comfort to the hikers/campers regardless of the region in which they carry out their adventures. Let us check out the Kelty Cosmic Down 20 Review to know better about this product.


An all-season sleeping bag: The sleeping bag has been advertised as a 20 degree bag, but the real comfort of this bag can be felt at 35 degrees Fahrenheit. As we all know that, a sleeping bag that is rated zero degree or lower is ideal for winters, but this particular sleeping bag is so lightweight that it keeps a person warm in extremely cold days. The 550 Fill-Down makes it perfect for wet spring days.

A lightweight sleeping bag: The weight of Kelly Cosmic 20 Degree sleeping bag is 2.6 pounds, which is quite less for a 20 degree sleeping bag. Campers/hikers don’t have to carry a huge load on long distance trips.

Wide range of sizes: This sleeping bag comes in a wide range of sizes, just to suit all types of customers. People can get sleeping bags up to six feet six inches. The weight of the sleeping bag gets higher with the increase in the size.

Box-baffle construction: This sleeping bag comes with a box-baffle construction, which prevents cold waves from entering the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag has a hood that can be easily wrapped around the head of the customers and locked. This will lock the heat inside the bag, and thus, result in a nice and warm sleep.


Great insulating material: The sleeping bag has one of the best insulating materials by the name of 50-fill hydrophobic DriDown. A good thing about such an insulating material is its ability to block water from entering into the bag. Moreover, there is a top quality hood and a collar given on the sleeping bag, which further enhances the warmth inside it.

A bag for all the seasons: This is one of the most amazing feature that every hiker/camper wants to have in his/her sleeping bag. Nobody likes to pile up half a dozen of sleeping bags in the cupboard and then think, which one should he/she carries at the time of summer or winter or any other season. This sleeping bag from Kelty has a temperature rating 21 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be turned up and down depending upon the season of camping/hiking. The company has given a two-way double sliding zipper, just in case, it gets too warm in the bag.

Three sizes to choose from: This sleeping bag comes in three different sizes to provide comfort to the fun and adventure loving people. These sizes are; short (ideal for a person who is 5 feet and 6 inches tall), regular (ideal for a person who is 6 feet tall) and long (ideal for a person who is 6 feet 6 inches tall).



  • It will keep you warm in the wet spring days or in the cold winter nights.
  • It is an extremely lightweight sleeping bag, so you won’t feel the load of carrying this bag.
  • The design and construction of the bag makes it perfect for any type of outings.
  • It is packed with a wide range of features such as draw cord, liner loops and hood ribbon.
  • The price of this sleeping bag is quite reasonable, thus allowing people with low budgets to buy it as well.


  • The only drawback with this sleeping bag is the absence of a sleeping pad. You will need to carry it separately

It is quite easy to use Kelty Cosmic sleeping bag. A person just needs to get inside the bag and zip the zipper that goes all the way down to the knee level. There is a good space given for placing head, but make sure you have a small sleeping pad or pillow for extra comfort.

The space provided for the shoulders seems OK and people can easily change sides while sleeping. In the morning, just roll the sleeping bag and slide it into the carry bag that comes along with it.


The Kelty Cosmic Down 20 review can’t be concluded without discussing the ways to clean and maintain this sleeping bag. As this sleeping bag is a waterproof bag, so, you can wash it with water and leave it under the sun to dry.

You can make use of a regular detergent and warm water to clean the dirt and the spots. Don’t use steel wool or any metallic material to clean the bag, as it can create holes in it. The bag can also be cleaned in a washing machine.

Can this bag be cleaned in the washing machine?

Yes of course. This bag can be washed in a washing machine using the regular detergents.

Can this sleeping bag be used for a person who is 5 feet tall?

Yes, this sleeping bag comes in three sizes; short, regular and long, so the short size would be fine for a 5 feet tall person.

What’s the best place to buy this sleeping bag?

You can get it from a local supermarket or you can get it from, which is the number one site for buying products.


Kelty Cosmic Down 20 Degree Sleeping Bag is a spectacular product for the beginners and occasional hikers/campers. In the Kelty Cosmic Down 20 review, we have discussed all the key points pertinent to the product. The sleeping bag can be easily packed and carried due to its small size and lightweight.

These two aspects have also brought down the price of the sleeping bag. The product somewhat lacks in the quality part, but that’s fair because it is an inexpensive product that is specifically made for those who don’t want to carry bulky sleeping bags on the trips.

This sleeping bag will keep a person warm and dry during winters and rainy days. You can read the above mentioned Kelty Cosmic Down 20 review for a comprehensive information about the product. This is a great sleeping bag for those who don’t want to spend too much on a sleeping bag.

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