Camping has been shifting its paradigm from being a survival technique to more of an adventure sport. It has become a part of adrenaline rushing as well as outside activities where a person can test his natural instincts as well as develop some.

Camping is one of those activities which develops character of a human being. It makes one more independent, makes decision making easy and helps to become more of an outside and sporty person. Camping has built and developed characters over the years.

Use of camping and knives as their part

As a matter of fact, marines and army rangers are taught to camp and build a fire for themselves as part of their curriculum, however they do not need it almost for a lifelong of service. When we think of camping, there are some basic things which come to our mind.

A tent, vegetation, logs of wood, bonfire and a knife. Today’s knives are capable of doing what axes used to do earlier. These knives are designed to do much more than just cutting.

Knives now a days come with various edges and textures to cut on a single slice of metal. Bigger textures can be used to cut down logs of wood while smaller ones can be used for emergency bandaging. They are also made with highest grade metal.

Knives now have carvings in them in various shapes like circle and triangle and can be used for a variety of purposes. From opening bottles to dig up soil and uproot the tent, they can do it all.

You might not have a slightest of idea how a single knife can make your camping the best experience of your life. Knives from Victorinox and Langer are sold like hot cakes for a specific reason only. While you can get a full sized knife independent of any strings, Swiss army knives are most popular among them. These knives have a lot of side items in the structure which holds it. These include from a variety of tweezers to flashlight to scissors and even nail files.

From exploring to resting: a Knife’s journey

Knives are also used to cut through vegetation. You can also explore the roads less taken and cut through virgin vegetation and these knives can also act as levers and pillars for going up the steepest terrains. Knives also have inbuilt holders with the firm hand rest, hence you can use them to climb vegetation.

There are also specific camping knives which have abilities to work on trees and concrete stones in vegetation like ball point pens for carving. Whenever you go into a new area, you must follow a breadcrumb trail in form of inscribing’s on stones and trees. This way you can let other campers follow you and you can also return back to the original location from where you left.

Camping knives have a throughput and weighing to work with trees and branches. When you reach in the camping area, you might need this knife to remove local vegetation to make room for the camp. You of course will not use a variety of devices for clearing vegetation, cutting off branches of trees for camp pillars and making durable chairs out of wood and vines. All this can be done with one single handy camping knife.

Usage of a knife in unorthodox fashion:

This knife is not limited to brutal cutting of items. It is mainly used for kitchen usage too. It can be used in cooking too. From chopping of your raw food to opening up an animal for cooking as well as holding a marshmallow over burning flame, a knife can do it all for you.

As these knives are made of highest grade material, these have high melting points which are way beyond a campfire heat. You can use these knives to cut, clean and cook food without any problems. Camping also involves activities like hunting animals and fishing.

These are some things where a wild animal can attack you and you need the best you can use. A camping knife is razor sharp and you would like to use it in such situations. There are also some poisonous glands in some animals.

While other abrasive metals are prone to holding on to the poison, it is the metal of a knife which does not hold on to it instead it readily washes away. So we can also use camping knife due to its smooth texture to remove poison from the animal.

Repairing instruments using a knife

There are also some small repair works that need to be done somehow. These repairs are also an important part of camping. We cannot just carry every equipment in double amount to replace it. A camping knife helps us tie knots as well as clean up the entities which are prone to rust or dirt which makes them unusable. This is how camping knives prove to be a boon during camping.

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