Napier backroadz truck tent


The napier outdoors truck tent offers you a convenient way to enjoy your outdoor camps and activity time perfectly without any issue or complications at all. However, Napier is one of those lucky truck tents that are available in the market along with a full floor set up so that you will stay clean and dry from your truck.

Although, it is specially designed to further fit the most pick-up trucks very easily, as well as, even with those trucks that are also equipped with a toolbox or even with a Bedliner. Thus, the truck tent setup is quite easier and a lot more comfortable for your everyday outing time or having some hiking adventure with your friends.

Also, the best thing or feature about this tent is its full rainfly function, by which you will definitely get the ultimate weather protection.

According to the backroadz truck tent review, this one is actually made with the color-coded pole and as well as with sleeve assembly, and that’s how you will find an easy setup just like a breeze.

This truck tent full-size regular bed style comfortable tent has actually built with the large interior area that would be over 5.6’ of headroom.

Furthermore, in the napier backroadz truck tent review, you will get the idea of extreme comfort and support, all thanks to its large interior, which will be enough to provide you with the space of around two people together.

This would be the best thing you can get to enjoy your outing time without any discomfort or sleepless nights. Two mesh windows are here to maximize ventilation further, and as well as the perfect protection through its full rain flies for wet-weather.

This wonderful and large interior tent actually made of 800mm polyurethane material of polyester taffeta. Whereas, it has windows which are made of a polyester mesh, along with a floor that is made of polyethylene.

Quick features:

  • Three season truck tent: this is the perfect size truck tent for everyone out there who loves to spend some time alone outside or maybe, have friends whom they are making some camping plans.


  • Only tent with a floor: well, of course, it is one of the famous and only truck tents available in the market that offers a floor as well, and that will be sealing down all the dirt and moisture so that you can stay clean inside.


  • Large interior: yes, the overall interior is large enough to provide you the space of around two people at a time. The overall interior is with over 5.5 ft. of headroom gives you comfortable space.


  • Color-coded Color-coded: there would be the color-coded fiberglass there along with a four-pole frame, which is way easier and very simple to set up within seconds or minutes; any individual can make a setup easily.


  • Two mesh windows: according to the napier backroadz truck tent reviews, you may also experience with two mesh windows system by which you will find a maximum quantity of ventilation for easy comfort.


  • Wet weather protection: with the help of its full rain fly feature, you will find extreme wet weather protection and stay dry inside. This truck tent is also weather-resistant so that you can never go through with any disturbance again.


  • Durable construction and material: this wonderful and portable truck tent has actually made with the materials like 800mm polyurethane polyester taffeta to give you the extra sturdiness and solid structure.


  • Windows material: there are windows available on the truck tent, which are also made of polyester mesh to give you a strong feel and very easy to wipe up dirt or dust.


  • Floor material: its floor made with polyethylene material, and that would be too strong and stable material to make you feel comfortable and safe all day and night long.


  • Quick and easy assembly: well, of course, this truck tent is really very quick and easy to assemble by which you will instantly create the ultimate campsite within the back of your truck very easily.


  • Designed to fit most trucks: absolutely perfect design and structure which can be easily fitted to most of the trucks very easily and give you the best time ahead, it can even fit those trucks equipped with a toolbox or Bedliner.



  • Very quick to assemble
  • Durable polyester
  • Full floor
  • 2 windows available
  • Highly ventilated



  • The zippers are really bad.



So, that’s the napier backroadz truck tent 13 series for you, which gives you a lot more comfort and support to enjoy your camping time without any discomfort.

Also, this model is only the one available in the market which offers you a full floor feature to maximize your comfort and give you a fascinating enjoyment.

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