Outdoorsman Lab Camping Sleeping Pad

This outdoorsman lab ultralight sleeping pad is really very light in weight and made with special inner lining and lightweight properties that may further make the bag super comfortable and lightweight.

However, this ultra-lightweight design camping pad is an ideal choice for everyone out there who loves to enjoy their camping or other adventure activities precisely.

Although, when we show you the overall weight of this sleeping bag, you will be amazed to know that this bag is only 16 oz in its total weight.

Whereas, the bag making it a perfect sleeping pad design for camping and as well as it would be the best addition to your backpacking gear. Furthermore, this inflatable sleeping pad gives you the overall measurement of around 73×21.6×2.2,” and it can be fitted to all types of sleeping bags.

One of the best things you should have in your hands while going out for some adventurer’s moments, as this inflates/deflates so quickly, while rolls up to around 8x3x3”.Also, this lab sleeping pad will also provide you with some outstanding technology and gives you the camping mat that is actually a patented design.

Although, we also love this individual and interconnected smooth air cells and self-adjust to the body sleeping pad is the best choice for everyone to enjoy some peaceful time ahead. The sleeping pad offers you with its optimal comfort, as well as support, and of course, it is 4-season warmth (R-value 2.2).

According to the Outdoorsman lab ultralight sleeping pad review, the sleeping pad specially designs to build to last for many years. It could be one o the best decision for you to enjoy your outdoor traveling’s like hiking, camping, and much more.

This sleeping pad is actually made with its durable 2.2 inches of thick camping mattress, which is absolutely lightweight, abrasion-resistant nylon, and flexible enough.

Whereas, the pad is also made with high-quality material, which is basically used for this sleeping mat is as well as water and rip-resistant.

Quick features:

  • Ultra-lightweight camping pad: this camping sleeping pad only weighs around only 16 oz while it is durable and the perfect in size to further offer you peaceful sleep all around. However, the pad is actually ideal for camping, and it could be a great addition to your backpacking gear.
  • Fits perfectly to large camping bags: of course, this could be a great quality of this pad that it can be fitted easily inside any large bags of around 73×21.6×2.2”, whereas, it can fit all types of sleeping bags. Also, it can quickly inflate/deflates while offering you a quick roll up to 8x3x3.
  • Patented sleeping bag: according to the camping sleeping pad review, this camping mat has specially made with a patented design. Although, it may offer you with its individual and along with its interconnected smooth air cells while it is also very self-adjusted to fit your body shape and offering you with the kind of optimal comfort and overall support
  • Build to last: well, yes, the quality and durability of this sleeping pad are higher than your expectations. It is actually made with durable 2.2 inches of thick camping mattress, which is also very light in weight, flexible, and as well as abrasion-resistant nylon.
  • Water and rip-resistant: however, the high-quality material which is actually used for this sleeping mat is absolutely water and as well as rip-resistant while giving you the surety to stay under a stress-free situation and get a comfortable sleep all day long.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate: this sleeping pad ultralight offers you with camping air mattress that actually has an easy-to-use air valve by which you may go through for quick inflation (like 10-15 breathes). And of course, with over a few more breathes, it may provide you with extra firmness and overall support.
  • Absolutely warmth and 4-season capable: yes, of course, the sleeping pad is absolutely comfortable and offers you with warmth and 4-season capable possibilities. You will enjoy your time ahead while sleeping over to the pad throughout your camping time.
  • Perfect for families: yes, it is way too perfect and ideal for families outing time, you will surely enjoy some time ahead while carrying this pad with you to your next trip. So, why are you waiting for? grab this pad now and make a trip for your camping without any fear.


  • Perfect for families
  • Very quick to open
  • Easy to deflate
  • Water and rip-resistant
  • Build to stay lasts
  • Actual warmth


  • Sometimes leakage the air.


This would be a great choice for those adventurers people who love to go for outdoor camping, hiking, or any type of activity to spend a whole night under an open sky.

So, when you have this pad, you can easily put it under your caping sleeping bags and get a nice and comfortable sleep all night long.

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