Slumberjack Trail Tent

The affordable and yet very stylish slumberjack trail tent 6 would be the only choice for people to experience the quality time together. If you are the one who is constantly looking and searching for a reliable, tried, and tested freestanding tent? Then you are in the right place.

This slumberjack 6 person trail tent, has been made with the specific dome style 3-season techniques that could provide you with a better and yet very comfortable experience. Its users actually love it from several years.

The Slumberjack Trail Tent offers you with a capacity of 6 people in one tent. This tent is becoming the largest and the widest in its series. The Slumberjack tents have been here in the market for like many years and guaranteed you to provide with a brilliant outcome.

Its sophisticated two-layer design and dome-style will give you a clean and outstanding look over the tent. You will get enough coverage from the inside, and of course, a complete outlook sealed packed. However, the tent has purposely made with the superior aerodynamic structure so that it can stay on its point even though, in strong winds.

It will provide you with a kind of full protection from both the inside and outside. Most people are calling it a type of freestanding tent. However, the tent has come with its fly clips, that need to be attached to the corners. You can easily complete the setup within minutes or so; it doesn’t take much time or effort.

You need to get this amazing camp tent 6, which offers you with so many benefits and easy to setup instructions. You can save you a lot more time at the moment of setup, so that’s why explore the benefits of the tent below and mark up your mind right now:

Soft to touch material: the material is not soft from the inside, but as well as, it is also very soft from the outside. You will never feel any discomfort or irritation while you are laying inside. This is the best tent ever among the slumberjack series.

Offer you with a perfect size fit: yes, probably, the most required thing is the ‘size of the tent”. And so, this tent will offer you with the perfect size option. The inside area will provide you with the average size quality of 16.5 ft² (1.54 m²) per person.

A convenient way for more people: so, if you are up with your summer camping planning, then this tent will provide you with the convenient option. Whereas, more than 6 people can easily lay inside the tent to keep themselves away from any distractions.

Best for the outdoor use of the tent has made with the upper mesh material, which is too reliable and versatile for your longer time of camping. The material will stay soft and under protection, even in the heat-up days/nights.

Features Of The Slumberjack Trail Tent 6:

Now, it’s a time to further lookout at the features of the slumberjack trail tent where you can find out the amazing qualities and useful features.

Solid construction: so the tent itself has made with the heavy-duty 75D Polyester and as well as also has taped seams. However, these seams will further help to keep out the overall water so that the tent will be able to stay nice and cozy throughout the cold nights.

Mesh wall panels: this will keep the tent staying colder and comfortable for a longer time of use. It will also promote ventilation and allow you to breathe fresh.

Full-coverage rainfly: this feature is here to makes the tent perfect and ideal for stashing the gear, especially if someone is headed out on a trip of camping that requires normally a bit of gear (for examples like fishing or any hunting equipment).

Sturdy fiberglass poles: just with the help of these fiberglass poles, you will receive the benefit of carrying a lightweight tent that would become easier for you to carry the tent while going for the hiking as well.


  • Lightweight design
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Solid construction
  • Mesh upper material
  • Easy to setup


  • The main pole is cheap in quality.

Maintenance And Cleaning:

Of course, like every other product, your camping tents also needs a quick maintenance and cleaning system by which they can smell good and stays for a longer time of period. With the use of Slumberjack Trail Tent

here you need to know some important tips of how to clean and maintain the tent for the lasting purpose of use:

Remember, do not ever try to take help via washing machine or hard detergents (because it may damage the outer coating of the tent).

Create a mixture with mild soap and warm water.

Now put the tent inside the mixture and leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Never try to use a washing machine, it may further damage the zippers and as well as the seams too.


The Slumberjack Trail Tent 6 is the best tent series for you which has made with better space and longevity. If you are up with your next camping plan for a week, then this tent will surely help you a lot during the time.

With the help of its improved ventilation properties, you will never suffer from low-breathing issues while covering the zip up. You will surely love all the features and exciting qualities of this tent then, why not give it a try to this slumberjack and make your camping memorable enough.

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