SpringBar Highline 6

Have you ever wished for a week-long trip of camping with friends where you can sleep without the worry of the weather? Then SpringBar highline 6 is that 6-person simple canvas tent which you are looking for.

It is a tent for 6 persons meaning the space is present in ample amount. Whether you plan is you’re your friends for a quality fun time or with family for an incredible bonding; this tent is bound to give you the best experience of your life.

It has such impassive features which makes it of top-ranked quality. The material used in manufacturing is of top-notch quality. The beauty of this SpringBar Highline 6 lies in the setup, which is pretty simple, easy, and quick.

It also comes with awning which is present in abundance so that sun or harsh weather will not bother you. Furthermore, this 10 x 10-floor tent with 6.5 foot of height is enough to give you that roomy space, which makes you comfortable even in the wild.

Let’s take a closer look at the supreme qualities of SpringBar highline 6, which makes it one of the best out in the market. It is due to these amazing features that you won’t be able to pass by it without buying.

This tent set up for 6 people is something which has been making waves across the campers for some time now. The reason is the number of benefits you can get out of it.

Whether it is the material used for manufacturing or the amount of space; either it the lightweight wall tent or the easy setup; it has everything you can ever need in a camping tent.

Moreover, these benefits are part of the SpringBar tent review, which has been given by the users. Their satisfactory explanation with the tent has made us write you the benefits you can get out of it.

1 person can set up the tent: the speedy set up of this tent is one of the greatest things about it. You don’t need others to help you out as you can set it up alone by yourself.

Tent included side awning for the protection against sun and rain: it comes with awning, which is long enough to give the whole front of the tent amazing protection from sun and harsh weather.

Durable material and excellent construction: the construction is done in such an excellent way that the hocks and edges are well sewed. The pools hold together perfectly. The durable material plays the part which makes it best for all weather.

Spacious inside for 6 people: the space inside this tent is enough for 6 people to sleep comfortably. You can twist and turn in sleep without disturbing others.

It comes with a lifetime warranty: another great thing about this tent is the warranty which comes with it. Whether you experience any damages or rip-offs, the company is responsible for providing you with all damage repair and maintenance.

Amazing features of SpringBar Highline 6:

It is always the amazing features which make any product outstanding. The number of comfort and reliability which this tent provides is undoubted. Let’s have a look at them.

Material is waterproof and suitable for all weather:  the material used for the manufacturing is cotton canvas, which is not only waterproof but also can withstand all kind of harsh weather.

Ventilation is well thought and very good: the windows and door are made out of mesh, which contributes a lot in the ventilation. The placement of the windows is excellent, and it is well fitted.

Comes with duffel style carry bags for easy carrying: the tent can be placed in its carrying bag, which is very much like the duffel bags. It is not only easy to carry but also requires less space for storage.

Enough standing space of 6.5 foot: the height of this 10 x 10 camping tent is 6.5 foot, which is enough for a normal person to stand inside.


  • Durable aluminum poles
  • Attractive design
  • No-see mesh on door and windows
  • Setup time is respectively less
  • Base space is 10’ x 10.’


  • Very heavy designed
  • Relatively high priced

Maintenance And Cleaning:

If you put proper investment and care in the maintenance of your springbar canvas tent, then they can last with you for a lifetime. All they require is little precautions when storing and little cleaning when in use so that they don’t get mold and stay perfect.

A word of instruction must be told. These camping tents must not be washed with detergent or soap as the soapy nature is toxic to the material used in the tent. The special silicone treatment can get destroyed.

Storing your tent carefully: these tents must be stored in a dry place. When you are done with your camping, always dry out in the sunshine and then wrap in and place in storage. While drying, you can use a clean cloth and dust it off. Remember to store in such a place where mildew or molds don’t grow. That means spring bar tents must never be stored in damp places.

Cleaning your tent: the cleaning of your tent must be done with a simple damp piece of cloth. Detergent or soapy water must be avoided at all cost. When the tent has been dusted properly, make sure that the tent is dry 100% otherwise, the risk of mold growth is always there.

Other damages like mold and mildew: despite your truthful efforts, if your tent has mold or mildew grown inside, then worry not. You can make a homemade solution of cleanliness and use it to get rid of mold and save your tent.

  • Add 5 quarts water with 1 quartz white vinegar and ½ teaspoon laundry detergent. Mix then well.
  • With the help of a soft bristle brush, apply the solution to the affected area. Rinse thoroughly after the mold has been removed.
  • Dry out in the sun and when it is 100% dry then wrap it and always store in dry places. Damp places only support the growth of molds and mildew.

SpringBar Highline 6 versus other tents:

SpringBar canvas tent has incredible features and various numbers of benefits but are you still not satisfied? Then perhaps, a little comparison with another top raked tent would make things clearer to you. We choose Kodiak tents which are also available in high demand and give a tough competition to their competing tents.

  • Springbar highline 6 is relatively fewer prices as compared to the Kodiak tents.
  • The usage of material in springbar vs. Kodiak tent has a huge difference as the Kodiak tents are heavier to carry and springbar tents are not.
  • Their setup also has different styles. Springbar tents can be set up by just 1 person while Kodiak tents require at least two people for setup.
  • Kodiak canvas tent vs. springbar has ample number of points such pools material, windows, mesh inclusion, space, person per tent and other such basic features.
    Whether you are interested in lightweight walls or reliable tent and awning, springbar highline is the one you would like to buy for yourself.


This highline edu canvas tent is the one you want when you plan any camping trip. It will provide you that experience which you will remember forever. Due to the 10 x 10 canvas tent, space is more than enough for family enjoyment. It is best when small children are involved as the walls are reliable and strong.

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