Television shows these days are full of outdoor adventures, with people doing all sorts of things in the woods. It won’t be wrong to say that we all love such shows because we want to know that, how far human beings can do when it comes to survival.

The popular shows on the Discovery channel such as, ‘Man Vs Wild’ and ‘Survivor man’ are extremely popular all over the world. Bear Grylls is the name that comes to the minds of the people when they think of a person that stays in the forests alone and eat all kinds of animals and insects.

But, that is all entertainment and the things they do in those shows can only be replicated if the world suddenly ends and everybody is killed except a few lucky ones. That is not going to happen any sooner, so you must take only follow the tips that are realistic and can help you in your camping or hiking venture. In this post, we are going to discuss ten such tips that you have to keep in mind before and during camping.

Find a place to sleep before the dark

After a long, tiring day, the most important thing that you need is a place to sleep. You have to find the right place to sleep and in order to determine such place, you need proper luminance.

Once you realize that the sunlight has started to get dimmer, then leave everything else and start searching for that right spot where you can sleep without fear of getting attacked by the wild animals.

Pick the right sleeping bag


While going out for camping, you should have a sleeping bag because you can’t sleep in the open, as there are a plenty of risks attached to it.

So, you have to choose the right sleeping bag that is well suited for the weather conditions at that time. There are a wide range of bags available on the market, so choose wisely.

Pack all the necessary food items

Don’t rely on the hunting because it is not as easy as it seems in the television shows. You have to pack all the important food items like quick oats or cuppa noodles, which can be prepared by just adding hot water.

Such food items will keep you satisfied in the long duration of the camping trip. Also, keep two or more water bottles in the bag, just in case, you are not able to find a decent water source in the forest.

Don’t leave any mess behind

This is an important point that many people forget. Cooking food in the forests is fine, but you can’t throw the waste food items or the utensils there.

You have no right to disturb the ecosystem, so collect all the materials that you think would go into the dustbin and throw it in a dustbin. If you will respect the nature, then the nature will present you with a plenty of rewards.

Choose the appropriate clothes

You have to pick the right clothes when going for camping. You can’t wear jeans and those tight clothes that you wear in a pub. You have to wear something that is rugged and durable, something you feel comfortable in.

Keep the weather conditions in mind as well because if it is cold outside and you are planning to go with some cool tees, then you are going to shiver in the entire camping trip, especially during nights. When it comes to the footwear, there are certain jungle boots that you can buy, as they are made for such purposes.

Know the ecosystem

Don’t get mesmerized seeing the beauty of the forests because the real scenario begins when you are in the middle of the forests. You must have a decent knowledge about the types of flora and fauna that grow in the forest.

Moreover, you should also research on the species of animals that reside in the forest. This information is going to prove extremely helpfu

Make use of the technology

Forests are like a labyrinth, one wrong step and you are lost. So, to avoid it, you can create certain marks on the trees to know whether you have been to this spot earlier or not.

You can also take the help of a GPS device that will help you stay on the right track. There is no shame in using the technology because it’s about your precious life and you can’t lose it that easily.

Keep a survival kit in your bag

This is something that you can’t afford to miss when going for camping. You need to carry all the materials like, gauzes, scissors, antiseptic creams and sprays, bandages, anti-allergy tablets, diarrhoea tablets, tetanus shots and more. This list is never-ending, so you can decide to take the most important things on the trip.

Practice Good Hygiene

It is pivotal to maintain a good hygiene because you are going to a place where you will come across all sorts of filth and infection, so you need to have a hand sanitizer. You should not forget to use that sanitizer before eating or drinking water from a small lake or river.

You can use rubbing alcohol with the soft cloth or cotton balls on the non-sensitive parts of the body to keep them clean and fresh.

Be a responsible camper

You can’t take the camping trip casually, especially when you have kids or pets coming with you. You have to take extra care of them because they are going to do all kinds of stupid things to get themselves in danger, but you must act promptly and in a responsible manner to avoid any mishappening. These are the tips that can ensure an exciting, fulfilling and an unforgettable camping trip.

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