Are you frustrated with the thought of carrying multiple sleeping bags for you and your partner on the trip because you don’t have one large bag that can accommodate both of you? Well, instead of getting frustrated, you should check out TETON Queen Size Sleeping Bag, which has been launched to save guys like you who want to get rid of the hassle that is caused from packing multiple bags on the trip.​

​This is a family bag that is lined with flannel, so it is quite proficient in keeping you and your partner warm even if the temperature goes down to zero degrees.

To add to the convenience, the company has given two full-length zippers on each side of the bag, so that if anybody wants to get out of the bag, then he/she can easily sneak out with disturbing his/her partner. Let us check out more benefits about this sleeping bag​


  • Let me start off by writing that this is a substantial sleeping bag. The company is 100% right when they say that this sleeping bag is going to keep you warm because it truly does keep you warm throughout the night. If you plan to go for camping/hiking during summer, spring or early fall, then you just need a basic night-dress and nothing else.
  • Regarding the size of this bag, I can just mention that it doesn’t matter how many times you turn or toss while sleeping, your partner is not going to get any sort of disturbance.
  • It has two zippers that are placed on either side of the bag. The zippers are easy to find, even in the dark, so if you want to go to the bathroom (you know what I mean), then you can go without bugging your partner. The bag can also be separated into two quilts.
  • The inner material of the bag is quite soft and skin friendly, so you can rest in it without any issue.
  • High quality inner baffles ensure that the heat is maintained inside the bag and there is no outside interference.


Large size: The size of this sleeping bag is pretty impressive. I have seen many bags, which are given the title of ‘large sleeping bags’, but they are not really that large. But, this sleeping bag is quite spacious and can accommodate two adults easily. If not two adults, then you can sleep with two or maybe three kids in the bag.

Desired climate rating: The climate rating given on this sleeping bag allows you to use it in all seasons. You can use it in the summer season, rainy and winter season.

Shrinkable size: The sleeping bag comes with compression straps, which are used to shrink its size, so that you can easily carry it.

Retains heat effectively: The mummy shaped sleeping bag is efficient in maintaining heat within the bag throughout the night, so that you can sleep without worrying about any chilly spots.


  • TETON Queen Size Sleeping Bag comes with offset seams that help the sleeping bag seals the heat.
  • With the help of compression bags, it is quite easy to carry this bag from one place to another.
  • The ability of the sleeping bag to easily accommodate two adults or one adult and two children. So, it won’t be wrong to say that this is a family sleeping bag.
  • The design of the bag, i.e., mummy shape keeps the heat sealed within the bag, so that the users can sleep in a highly comfortable environment.


  • The sleeping bag is not washing machine washable, so you have to do a hand wash only.
  • It is not made for hiking, as it is not an ‘ultralight’ sleeping bag.
  • Once you take it out of the sack, you will have to do some planning on how to put it back in.


Using this sleeping bag is no rocket science. But, it is important to use a sleeping bag in the right manner to avoid any damages. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag comes with three zippers, so you must know where they are what their use is.

The two zippers are attached on each side of the sleeping bag, whereas the third one is situated at the bottom of the sleeping bag. The two zippers on the side makes it easier for the users to go out or sneak back into the bag without bugging the partner, whereas the third zipper at the bottom provides ventilation, as it can be opened up completely.

The sleeping bag separates into two quilts, allowing more convenience to the users. The zippers come with a Velcro covering as well, which has one main purpose, i.e., keep the zipper intact.

You can toss and turn as many times as you want without worrying about the zipper. So, enjoy your time being in this amazing sleeping bag.​


This sleeping bag is a great option for those who don’t want to carry multiple bags while camping, but are looking for one bag that is fully capable of providing the utmost comfort and warmth that they want during a cold winter night.

TETON Queen Size Sleeping Bag can be used as a single bag accommodating two people, or can be separated as well. The price of the sleeping bag is quite less when compared to other models that are available at the same price range.​

Moreover, it has got more features than other large sized sleeping bags, thus making it the number one choice in the market today. If you are looking for another great sleeping bag for two people, then you should try out Grizzly 2 Person Sleeping Bag, as it is also a highly spacious bag that retains warmth in the lowest of the temperatures.​

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