Are you tired of squeezing into small sleeping bags? Well then, you should try TETON Sports Celsius XL -32C/25F sleeping bag, which is a spacious, heat retaining and comfortable sleeping bag that is made for those who like to camp in the extreme temperatures.

You would like to know how extreme? Well, this sleeping bag can provide a sound sleep at a temperature as low as minus 32 degree Celsius or 25 degree Fahrenheit.

So, next time when you plan on going to a place where it gets extremely cold at nights, you should perhaps carry this particular sleeping bag. This will ensure that you sleep in a warm and comfortable environment.


  • Half-Circle Mummy Style Sleeping Bag: This is a mummy-shaped bag that is constructed in such a way that, the maximum amount of heat is produced in the bag.Moreover, the heat doesn’t dissipate out of the bag. Double-layer construction of the bag surge warmth and durability. The hood can also be adjusted according to the shape and size of the head.
  • Compression Sack: The sleeping bag comes with an Oxford compression sack, which also has a drawstring closure. So, when you don’t need the sleeping bag, then you can make use of the sack to get the sleeping bag into its carry bag.
  • Two-way zippers with metal pulls: The zippers given with the sleeping bag provide snag-free operation. The metal pulls make it easier for the users to pull the zipper up and down. Also, the full-length zipper baffle doesn’t let drafts come inside the bag.
  • Can be attached to the same sleeping bag: If you want to sleep with your partner, then all you need to do is, attach the left side of one bag to the right side of other sleeping bag.The only thing that you have to make sure is that, the zipper of one bag should be on the left side and that of the other on the right.


What makes this sleeping bag ideal for low temperatures is its ability to retain heat within the bag and bar chilly winds and moisture from coming into the bag.

The size of the sleeping bag makes it ideal for a single person to sleep comfortably throughout the night. Moreover, it can accommodate two people as well, but snugly.So, if your partner’s sleeping bag has a broken zipper or fabric related issues, then you can ask him/her to sleep with you.

The mummy shape of the bag helps contain the heat within the bag. It has been proven that mummy shaped sleeping bag is more efficient than semi-rectangular and rectangular shaped bag. The soft cotton flannel liner that is amalgamated with a patented fiber insulation ensures warmth when it is freezing cold outside.

To keep your head above the ground, the sleeping bag comes with a curved hood. There are many other models that offer the same kind of comfort to the uses such as TETON Sports Celsius Regular -18C/0F Sleeping Bag, XL -18C/0F Sleeping Bag and XXL -18C/0F Sleeping bag. The type of sleeping bag you want to go with depends upon your physique and comfort level.


  • This design and construction of the sleeping bag make it an ideal choice to be used in the minus temperatures.
  • Two-way zippers with metal pulls makes it easier for the users to manipulate it, even during night.
  • SuperLoft Elite hollow fiber insulation that is given in the sleeping bag ensures warmth irrespective how much cold it is outside. To add to the convenience, there is a soft cotton flannel liner.
  • It is quite easy to wash and maintain this sleeping bag, as all the materials can be washed with the regular detergents and in the washing machine.


  • It is not easy to pack this sleeping bag once the night is over and the user is about to move ahead. Though, it
    comes with a compression sack and drawstring fixture, still it is hard to put the sleeping bag into the carry bag.
  • Some users have complained about the complex operation of the sleeping bag. But, if your main priority is getting
    optimum heat to sleep comfortably in the chilly nights, then this is perhaps the right bag.

Advice To Use And Maintain TETON Sports Celsius XL -32C/25F Sleeping Bag

I would like to start-off by mentioning that this is a spectacular bag, if you are daring to sleep in the open at temperatures below the freezing point. This bag will not let anything happen to you because it comes with a superb flannel liner and SuperLoft hollow fiber insulation.

If you are about to sleep alone, then just crawl into the sleeping bag, zip the zipper from top to bottom. The curved hood will easily support your head if you are using a sleeping pad or a pillow. The zipper is going to remain intact during the time that you are inside the bag.

After you have used the bag, you can use the compression sack to put the bag into its carry bag. It can take some time, if you haven’t done such a thing before, but it is doable.

Regarding cleaning and maintenance of the sleeping bag, you have to clean it by putting the bag into the washing machine. If the zipper of the bag is broken, then you can use a zipper repair kit to get it fixed.​


​This is a perfect bag for those who are desperately looking for a spacious and comfortable bag that can keep them comfortable in low temperatures. TETON Sports Celsius XL -32C/25F sleeping bag has an abundance of features that are useful for the campers/hikers, plus it is also quite affordable.

There are some other models as well that are manufactured by TETON, which you can look at. Now, where should you buy this sleeping bag from?

Well, if you plan on buying it online, then you can get it from Amazon.com, as it is the number one eCommerce site today. So, don’t wait anymore and get the sleeping bag today!​

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