Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel

When we have a plan to go for outdoor camping, we try to make the list of necessities, and a high-quality travel towel is on the top of the list. Irrespective of the fact of what type of traveler you are. You must have an absorbent product that you can use the time to time.

Wise owl outfitters introduce this camping towel to fulfill the needs of people during traveling and camping. This towel is a new creation and not similar to that of standard towels. Normally, towels we use in the homes are made up of cotton or a mixture of low-quality fabrics.

This camping towel is made up of microfibers that are a great absorbent and capable of drying a surface quickly and easily. With quick absorbents, fast-drying, and extra soft features, these towels are the best companions during traveling.

These towels are easy to wash, and also users can wash it in the washing machine without losing the quality. A blend of different features attracts travelers like the softness to take care of your skin, availability in different colors and sizes, and much more.

During the review of this product, we find the following most attractive features of this product. We discussed these in detail to provide you with a better understanding of this product. Let’s take a look at them comprehensively.

Quick features:

  • Perfect for multipurpose: this handy towel is perfect to use for different purposes like hiking, outdoor camping, swimming, workout, or anywhere else you want to use it. It works perfectly and fulfills the needs of users.
  • Lightweight: it is made up of lightweight material and occupies little space for placing in the bag. This thing allows the users to take it easy with them for different activities.
  • Extra soft material: unlike the different standard towels available in the market made up of low-quality fibers, and this towel comes with premium quality fibers that are very soft like a baby’s butt and take care of your skin very well without avoids any scratches.
  • Good absorbent: this traveler towel is a good absorbent and quickly absorbs anything that is not possible to dry the skin or surface with any standard towel.
  • Easy to wash: this towel is machine washable without losing its quality and quickly gets rid of dirt stuck in the fibers with regular household detergent. Users don’t need to buy special cleaning detergent for it.
  • Quick-drying ability: it comes with quick-drying abilities, and users don’t have a need to wait for their drying it. It takes only ten minutes to dry under sunlight or up to if users place it in shady places.
  • Snap-closure loop: this towel comes with a snap closure loop that is helpful to hang it anywhere for drying or let it air out a while go for back to packing after using it during an outdoor camping.
  • Available in different colors: this product lets the users choose their favorite color from six available options that suit them best.
  • Different sizes: it is available in two sizes with dimensions of 5 x 2 ½ feet for XL and 4 x 2 feet of large towel dimensions. It let the users choose the best size that suits them better.
  • Buy one get one free: it comes with a free 12 x 12 inches towel in packing of the large towel, and a 12 x 24 inches towel comes with packing when you buy XL towel. This product comes with a bag to let the users take it with them anywhere easily.


  • High-quality material
  • Extra soaking ability
  • Quick-drying
  • Easy to wash
  • Packed in low space
  • Multiple colors
  • Different sizes
  • Easy to hang with a loop
  • Lightweight
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Factory smell
  • A little heavier than other available towels


A wise owl outfitter is one of the leading manufacturers for producing high-quality travel products to increase the comfort level of users. Along with other camping products, it also manufactures premium quality towel with a fast-drying feature. These towels are capable of absorbing more than any other standard towels available in the market.

The different colors and sizes attract the users to select as per their needs and also provide a free towel in all packing’s as a gift. This towel is a combination of different features like quick-drying, soak more, snap loop, a packing bag, and many more.

All these features make it a perfect companion during traveling and outdoor camping. The premium quality fibers are soft enough to protect your skin from scratches and easy to wash with the machine and normal household detergent.

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